The Sun

Close-up of a  Sunspot

Without the light and warmth given to us by the Sun, there would be no life on the Earth.
The Sun is the most important planet in the birth chart (in fact, technically, in astronomy it is a star). He rules Leo, the second of the three fire signs.

Sun sign columns in newspapers and magazines are great fun and a good way of introducing people to astrology. However, they do give the impression that the sun sign is much simpler than it actually is. There is some truth in some of the clichés but, of course, human beings are much more complex than these columns have the space to acknowledge. As we progress through life, we are increasingly able to express the energy of our sun sign in a positive way. Life is a continuing process of self-development, a journey in which we unfold some of, or perhaps most of, our potential.

The Sun describes the inner core of our being, which is present when we are born, but is revealed more and more as we grow in awareness.

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