Pluto & Charon

Pluto is the largest known member of the Kuiper belt. Originally considered a planet, Pluto's position as part of the Kuiper belt has caused it to be reclassified as a "dwarf planet". It is compositionally similar to many other objects of the Kuiper belt.

It has five known satellites: Charon, Hydra, Nix, Styx and Kerberos.

Pluto is the ruling planet of Scorpio, the second of the three Water Signs.

In Roman Mythology he was known as the God of the Underworld, hence Pluto is the planet of death and re-birth, disintegration and regeneration.

Pluto symbolizes the most unconscious part of ourselves and yet the most powerful drive within us. Whichever area of the chart this planet touches, it forces us to deal with crisis, and if we co-operate with this enormous influence, personal growth can ensue. We must learn the lesson of letting go with Pluto.

Possessiveness and compulsion must give way to the acceptance of the need to relinquish old attitudes, emotions and possessions.

Pluto moves very slowly, taking between 12 and 31 years to move through each sign. The sign in which Pluto is placed is very important generally, but it is the house position and aspects which are crucial in the natal chart; though, of course, these are coloured by the sign too. As Pluto moves through each sign, it brings out crucial and permanent changes in humanity's attitudes and experiences.

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