Live Tarot Card Readings Over the Phone

There are three ways that you can pay me for a tarot reading:

1) By having a face-to-face reading with me (in Glasgow only) and by paying me in cash.
2) By calling me on 0913 595 0064 (Calls cost £1.53/min. Readings last 10-20 minutes.)
3) By calling my local-rate number 0844 812 1915 and by clicking the button below to pay £19.99 to me directly via your PayPal account.


Over the years I have been amazed as to the accuracy of tarot card readings and usually find that reading for the sceptic can be the most revealing.

I mostly do the Celtic Cross reading, which is a 10-card reading. It is the best reading to describe the general circumstances of the querent's situation, but still answer the one specific question they have in mind.

1) The Significator ~ The important events, issues, attitudes or influences around the question or current situation. A reflection of the circumstances in which the individual finds himself or herself at the present moment.

2) The Crossing Card ~ Current obstacles, problems, conflicts, blockages and opposition that the questioner must deal with.

3) The Crowning Card ~ The best that can be achieved or attained from current circumstances, or the goal that the seeker should aspire to attain.

4) The Base of the Matter ~ The root of the psyche. This card often comes as a surprise to the seeker, who may not have been aware of an unconscious motivation that needs to be brought into awareness. The card which appears at The Base of the Matter will often contradict the apparent reason for our dilemma at the time of consulting the cards. This card can also represent a situation in the distant past, which led to the circumstances in the following card in the spread, The Recent Past.

5) The Recent Past ~ Events or influences from the recent past that have shaped the present but are now passing away. The seeker needs to be able to let go of whatever this card represents before future developments can be integrated into the present.

6) Forthcoming Influences ~ Future events and fresh influences about to come into play that will operate in the near future. This card does not represent a long-term prognosis of a future outcome, but rather a description of the currents at work in the immediate future.

7) Where One Finds Oneself ~ This card is an extension of the first card, The Significator, and often describes a set of attitudes or inner qualities which the seeker will soon experience. It will often represent what needs to be developed as well as what is likely to unfold.

8) The Views of Others ~ How other people around the questioner affect and view matters in hand.

9) Hopes and Fears ~ The questioner's hopes, fears and expectations with regard to the question or the current situation. Both hopes and fears can be described by one card, for all the cards in the tarot deck have a double face.

10) The Final Outcome ~ The word 'final' can be misleading here, for nothing is absolutely final. This position describes a situation, not a lifelong permanence, a natural outgrowth of what we are going through at the moment. This 'Final Outcome' may cover a period of about six months.

Although each reading is unique, it will usually last around 20 to 30 minutes. At the end of each reading I normally ask the seeker if there is anything that they would like me to explain in greater detail. Turning over the next card can often give an unnervingly accurate and direct answer to a specific question that the reading might not have covered.

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Wishing you all luck with your readings,
Simon Owen

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